Google Chromebook Pixel Slate

Board Nocturne
SoC Intel i5
Firmware Coreboot
Boot media eMMC or USB

Kernel Status Report

Kernel version: 5.4.8
Component Model Status
CPU Intel i5 Works
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 615 Works
USB type C   Works
Display 12.3” @ 3000x2000 Works
WiFi   Works
Bluetooth   Fail
Touchpad   Fail
Touscreen   Works
Front Camera   Fail
Back Camera   Fail
Embedded Controller Google CrOS EC Works
Audio Speaker Fail
Headphone Untested



The camera seems to work but are not fully tested. Nocturne uses INTEL IPU3 to get data form camera sensors. In order to test it, we can use libcamera.

Download git camera tool:

` git clone git:// cd libcamera meson build ninja -C build install `

You should see 2 devices, imx355 and imx319 with ‘cam -l’

You can get data from sensors:

` cam -c "imx319 9-0010 0" -C --file="/tmp/" -s width=1280,height=720 or cam -c "imx355 10-001a 1" -C --file="/tmp/" -s width=1280,height=720 `

Next step is to use IMGU device to transform raw data to viewable pictures. This can be done using v4l2n tool available here: